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Welcome to Wit With Wisdom wholesale collection for 2020 

*** If your order includes a delivery charge we will add a FREE SIGN to cover this cost.

Dear All

Chris and I just wanted to send a message out to all our wonderful customers. Thank you SO much for continuing to support us through this difficult time. It seems as both wholesalers and retailers we have all been hit first by the  Brexit anxiety before Christmas, the terrible weather that some of you have been challenged by and now the Corona virus. I have been racking my brains as to what we can do to support each other. I truly believe the British sense of humour to be a particularly effective medication and hope that if you can, you will try to continue to place orders, however small, and to that effect we are going to take away the minimum spend for the next few months and hope that will encourage you to keep the wheels turning.  In addition we will be allowing payment via credit card during this time, we are too small to afford to give extended credit terms but are happy for financial services to! 

The makers that brought you Deck The Halls wooden Christmas decorations decided they really ought to work all year, and on the strength of a good idea, a few bottles of wine and lots of research came up with Wit With Wisdom, a range of witty and clever wooden signs.

Our little company has a truly authentic approach to sustainability which we believe is at the heart of everything we do. Last year we took a long hard look at our practices as a business and a family and put in some big changes. 

The signs are all made here in the UK from the best FSC (sustainably managed forests) Birch plywood. We have re engineered the way we make our signs and they are now made so that the plastic sleeve has been eliminated. We have NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC in our business, that includes in how we produce the signs as well as how they are sold. (some sign manufacturers will use plastic vinyl in their production method). We use Farrow & Ball paints who themselves are making great strides in their sustainability journey. We use green energy to manufacture our signs. We use only paper and card to package deliveries including paper tape and finally we use a carbon neutral courier to deliver to you. We are not perfect and as we continue to find things that challenge those claims we will sort them out. We are passionate about this, its not a marketing ploy. It occurred to us recently that we don't make anything that anyone really needs so it is up to us to make sure our product has as little impact on the planet as possible. 

They are a great value gift at RRP £6.95 and what we really focus on is giving our customers choice. You can choose any colour in any sign so that you can gear our signs to the look of your store, from neutrals, shabby chic pastels or more contemporary hues. And you only need to order 3 of a sign in a colour.
Because of our flexible ethos (must be all that Pilates) we can also provide you with a bespoke service.You can order any words you like on a sign ( as long as it is not rude - well not too rude!) and the minimum is only 6 pieces. This way you can offer something truly individual to your store, perhaps using local sayings or place names, or perhaps if you have tourism tie ups you can go with that. Best of all there is NO extra charge for this service!
Turnaround is usually about 8 days from order, although please allow extra time at peak periods to avoid disappointment.
We also produce a range of wooden hearts which at RRP £3.95 are a simple gift, and the messages on these tend to be more sentimentally inclined.

We can provide you with a wooden spinner or a wall board to help display them at their best and drive those sales up. If you eventually fancy a change from us we ask that the spinner is packed up snug in a box and returned to us for refurbishment so we can refresh and reuse it.

our carriage paid order is £300 but below that we will pop a free sign in to cover the delivery charge of £6 ( highlands and Islands surcharges apply)

Welcome to new customers, and very importantly to our lovely existing customers, this website is here to make ordering easier for all of us, but we love talking to you so anything you want to discuss please pick up the phone.
Paula & Chris

01494 814062