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Our Sustainability Journey

As a family business we felt it was important to challenge our business eco credentials as hard as we did our personal ones. Subsequently we have done a thorough audit of all our practices from making the product to delivering it to you and ultimately the customer. As a result these are the authentic changes we have put in place.

Our signs are now being printed in a different way, which means that we will no longer need to supply the signs in plastic sleeves and the branding has been replaced by a stamp on the reverse of the sign. All waste paper from the process is recycled.

All of our wood continues to come from a sustainably managed FSC certified source

Our packaging is now entirely plastic free, we are no longer using plastic bubble wrap and tape, your deliveries will arrive using cardboard or tissue packaging where appropriate, paper tape seals the boxes. and we use a carbon neutral courier to deliver your orders.

Our stand is a handmade solid piece of kit that will last a lifetime, as part of our sustainability pledge we offer replacement pegs should any go astray .If you ever fall out of love with our products we would ask you to return the stand so that we can refurbish and reuse it.

We use a green energy supplier as a business and family, we even have solar panels to produce some of our electricity.

We are a carbon neutral business, with a really tiny carbon footprint, well its more of a cat sized paw really!