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Colour Combinations

Our colours are all Farrow & Ball paints, soft chalky colours that all tone well together.

  • Skimming Stone- a warm soft off white with grey undertones, the go with anything colour. 
  • Pavilion Gray- a cool mid grey neutral 
  • Elephants Breath – a warm biscuity neutral 
  • Cinder Rose – a warm and romantic pink 
  • Parma Gray- a cool light to mid blue with a crisp finish 
  • Cromarty- a muted soft green . pale and interesting! 
  • Peignoir- a pale and romantic grey pink, for where you just want a hint of pink. 

New for 2022

  • Jitney- a lovely earthy and warm neutral really useful to update neutrals and add depth.
  • Berrington Blue- a warm mid tone blue, a strong on trend look for contemporary interiors.
  • Suffield Green – a confident contemporary green described by F&B as the “good taste green”!

Here are some combinations to help simplify your selections